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Incorrect documentation for Annotation Text "Align"

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The documentation for the Annotation Text object "Align" property seems to 

be incorrect. It has the possible values as:


LA_RIGHT 0 The Text will be right aligned to the marker.

LA_LEFT 2 The Text will be left aligned to the marker.

LA_CENTER 6 The Text will be centered with the marker.



LA_TOP 0 The Text will be on the top edge of the marker.

LA_BOTTOM 8 The Text will be on the bottom edge of the marker.

LA_BASELINE 24 The Text will be vertically centered.

However, when using:


its not centered vertically and horizontally. When you click on the

properties of it in a chart, it has all of these checked:


Vertical Center


Word Break.

So I did some experiments with different values, and "5" (1 Or 4, 1+4) gives

me Center and Vertical Center with no Word Break. So I tried other

possibilities, and it seems that the correct values are:

Left: 0

Center: 1

Right: 2

Top: 0

Vertical Center: 4

Bottom: 8

Word Break: 16 (There's no mention of Word Break in the documentation,

but you see it in the property page).

I looked through the include files for ASP (CfxIE.in, CfxIEExtra,inc,

CfxIECmds.cfi), and I didn't see a group that seemed to match these values.

So the documentation could be updated, and there could be a new set of

constants (TA_?) with the above values. Maybe something like:

Const TA_LEFT = &H0&

Const TA_CENTER = &H1&

Const TA_RIGHT = &H2&

Const TA_TOP = &H0&


Const TA_BOTTOM = &H8&

Const TA_WORDBREAK = &H10&

Also, while you're fixing CfxIE.inc, you could fix the function:

Function CHART_LOWORD (l)

l2 is used without being declared, so Option Explicit raises an error.

There needs to be

Dim l2




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