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Min/Max not working

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i'm using ChartFx Internet Edition 3.5 i believe and i can't get the Min or

Max values to work. i'm doing a simple bar graph with 3 values and the

values on the Y-axis always start at the lowest of the values. so you'll

have a bar for two of the values and nothingfor the lowest one. i would

like my chart to always start at 0. this is what i've tried:

xChart.Adm(CSA_MIN) = 0 ;

xChart.Adm(CSA_GAP) = 50 ;

this doesn't have any effect. any help? also, where can i get

documentation on the api for this version? the one i got with the media

must be for something else b/c have of the properties/methods/objects don't

exist on my component. for example, the documentation says to do

ChartFx1.Axis(AXIS_Y).Min = 0 which doesn't work and throws a property or

method doesn't exist error.

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