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Different charts with same code

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Hello to all,

we have the problem that our clients show different charts on two servers

(one server local for testing and one server for public). We have installed

the same chartfx version on both machines an we use the same code.

The differnces:

- one server shows the toolbar, the other not

- one server shows the chart in 2D, the other in 3D

Can anyone tell me a solution for this problem?



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Is one of the servers simply showing a default chart ?

If so, you may be having a permissions or Virtual Path problem (setup) and

the Chart FX file can not be downloaded.

Are both servers outputting an ActiveX client ? is one of them outputting an

image ?

We need to know a lot more about your specific situation in order to be able

to determine what the problem might be. These are just a few things to

check, with this little information there is not much we can do.



Software FX

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