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Combination Chart not displaying series when run as a service

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I have a combination chart with the main chart type set to LINES, and the

first series set to AREA, so the area shows up behind the lines. This works

fine when you run the chart from a Web context, but I also run a service to

generate chart images in the background. When running as a service (either

as LocalSystem/Interactive or as a user), none of the series appear in the


If I make series 0 a line, instead of an area, the chart appears properly in

both a Web context or when generated by the service.

some pseudocode...

chart.Gallery = Gallery.Lines

chart.OpenData (3, 10, COD.Values)

chart.Series[0].Gallery = Gallery.Area // <-- this line seems to

cause a problem

... add data...


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The only thing I can think of is a permissions problem, that your service is

throwing some kind of exception.

We have tested this and were unable to reproduce this problem when calling

the chart from a Windows Service.

We need some kind of sample program that reproduces the problem.



Software FX, Inc.

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