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Custom chart painting

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I'm in the process of converting charts that were created with ChartFX 3.x

to a Webform application. These charts do a great deal of custom chart

surface painting in the PrePaint, PaintMarker and PostPaint events.

However, I've found that when I query the RightGap(), TopGap() etc property,

I always get the value zero back. These values were available in CFX 3.x,

and are vital to being able to do the custom painting for our upgrade.

Is this a bug, or designed behavior?

If by design, how do I get chart surface information in the event handlers?

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This is by design, Gaps in Chart FX 6 are calculated automatically, the gaps

that you specify (TopGap, LeftGap, etc.) are only used as a reference but

are not used directly to draw, basically the chart gaps are going to be the

Max between the Calculated one and the one given by you. At painting time,

the best way to find out about the painting area is to use the

Axis.ValueToPixel method for both X and Y-Axes.



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