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SfxRemove.exe does not work when scheduled to run

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From a command prompt type:

c:\> sfxremove

It will give you the syntax.

Here is that info:

SoftwareFX File Remover

Usage: SfxRemove [-nv] <Path> <Time> [files]

Where: <Path> is the folder where the files are located

<Time> is the time between deletions

[files] (optional) specifies the files to delete (default=*.*)


v: Verbose

n: Do not delete any files

e.g. SfxRemove d:\CfxTemp 2h

SfxRemove d:\CfxTemp 2h *.tmp SfxRemove -v d:\CfxTemp 30m *.tmp

It is important to note that SfxRemove is not a scheduler, to run it

periodically you have to use a scheduler such as the "AT" command.



Software FX, Inc.

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