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ILegendBoxItem to ILegendBoxItemCollection

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Hi Francisco,

Thank you for helping me a lot.

I am configuring items in my legendbox using the reference:


I supposed to follow this code:

Dim lia As LegendItemAttributes = New LegendItemAttributes

chart1.LegendBox.ItemAttributes(CType(chart1.Series(1),ILegendBoxItem)) =


But since ItemAttributes only accept ILegendBoxItemCollection and NOT

ILegenBoxItem, so I have to convert it to ILegendBoxItemCollection. When I

did this, ofcourse I'll get an error message "Cannot convert

seriesAttributes to ILegendBoxItemCollection".

Why does the help is different from the DLL? Need help.

Thank you,

Raymond Dazo

Interprise Solutions Team

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