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Settings custom labels for each point??

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I need to set my own labels for each point - not the point value, but some

other text (not an integer). Is this possible??

I've read the tutorial where you set the Legend on the X Axis then set the

PointLabelMask to "%l". However, I don't think I can use this because I

need to explicity set the X Axis labels as well. Can this be done? I'm

trying to do this on a Gantt chart.




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No. This can not be done using point labels, a TAG property was added in

Chart FX 6.0 (for .NET) but it is not available in Chart FX 5.x

You could use Legend and KeyLeg to have two sets of labels, one for the

points (Legend) and one for the axis (KeyLeg) however, there is limitations

to this approach like for example there is only one (label,keylabel) pair

per point regardless of number of series, the values legend if shown will

reflect this duality, and there might be others that escape me right now,

you may try it and se if it fits what you need.



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