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PointLabels from different series

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I've got a dataset containing several series's values.

Is there a way I can assign the values of say the 5th series to the point

pointlabels of another series.

ie. My dataset looks roughly like the following.

date series1 series2 series3 series4

2002/01/01 15 20 30 event1

2002/02/01 23 32 23 activity

2002/03/01 13 24 24 xxxx

Now what would be nice would be if I could use the values from series4 as

pointlables for say series1.

I see there is a PointLabelMask property which takes a <n> variable where

<n> points to the series which values you want to use as the point label.

However I can't get this to work and neither can I find any example of how

to use it.

I would appreciate it if you could point me in the right direction as I'm a

bit at a loss here as how to proceed.

Thanks in advance


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