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Chart Transparancey

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You could add the following script to your page to set  a red background in

a transparent chart. I am assuming you are using the server component to

generate the chart's object tag.



Sub window_onLoad()

Chart1.RGBBk = 255

End Sub



Note that windowless support is tricky for both the browser and the

component and that some features (such as scrolling) are not supported in

transparent charts.

If you are targeting IE 5.5 and later and you are able to modify your DHTML

menuing system, you could also use a feature called popup that I found

searching on support.microsoft.com, I have not tested it but according to

the docs it could be what you need.




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"Red" <russ.1@excite.com> wrote in message


> Hi,


> I am setting the chart background to transparent to resolve the Windows


> that makes the Active X Control appear in front of our DHTML menu system.


> However, is it possible to then change the chart background color after


> chart has been drawn?


> Cheers


> Russ




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