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Euro Currency and replace No Data Available

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When you set the locale we use certain Windows API calls to get date and

currency settings. I don't know if Microsoft will change the locale settings

through a service pack (I doubt it). You can also force a currency symbol

for an Axis object (this is useful if you need a chart in dollars regardless

of the regional settings) so you should be able to force the Euro symbol

(assuming you have a font with this symbol).

To change the "no data available" you would have to provide a separate DLL

with all the ChartFX strings and dialogs. There is no easy way to change

this string (we improved this in ChartFX for .NET)




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"Peter" <plee@doubleclick.net> wrote in message


> 1. Since I'm using the locale property and for France I get the franc and

> for German I get the DM. Since they all have changed to Euro will there


> a update that will change the currency symbol to the Euro.


> 2. Can I change the no data available to something else. I would like to

> customize the string.


> Thanks,

> -Peter



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