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Re: Problems running and licensing

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When you install the CfxIEDsg.exe file you're installing the ChartFX

Designer Component, which includes the Template & Code Generator (that helps

you customize the appearance of you chart and save it as a template or

generate the code in ASP, ColdFusion and HTML) and the DTC for Visual

Interdev 6.0

In order to run <% Set Chart1 = Server.CreateObject("ChartFX.WebServer") %>,

you have to install the Server Component, which is included in the file

CfxIESvr.exe that you must have downloaded from Component Source along with

the CfxIEDsg.exe file. Once you install it correctly, you'll be able to run


ChartFX IE 2000 can run under Windows 98 PWS. However, its performance is

really superior when you install it in a Windows NT/2000 server.

Ivan Giugni

Software FX, Inc.

"Szeto" <ng@akyweb.com> wrote in message


> Hello,


> I just brought Chart FX IE 2000 from http://www.componentsource.com/

> Can i still own a copies of this in traditional form instate of directly

> download from the web site.


> Another thing is above this software licensing, what i recieve is only a

> serial number, and no paper form. Can i get a serial number/certificate


> puchases for this product.


> I install CfxIEDsg.exe in a Windows 98 with PWS i try to running a


> code provided by ChartFX. but the problems occur in <% Set Chart1 =

> Server.CreateObject("ChartFX.WebServer") %> . I wondering in order to run

> ChartFX IE 2000, is that a must to run under Windows NT / Windows 2000

> Server?



> --

> --------------------------------------------------------------

> Any suggestions would be appreciated.

> Thank You


> Khai Mun, Ng



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