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RE: Problems running and licensing

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Concerning your purchase from http://www.componentsource.com/ you should contact them concerning this matter or any other matters related to this topic or you can email or call our sales department at sales@softwarefx.com or call Toll Free: (800) 392-4278 Phone: (561) 999-8888.

Concerning your technical question you are getting this problem with createobject because CfxIEDsg.exe does not install the actual ChartFX component but installs only the designer component.


In an effort to provide the most advanced solutions in conjunction with

the most comprehensive technical support structure, Software FX will

implement a Paid-Support Program beginning January 1, 2001 for all

existing and future Software FX application users. The specific details

of the Paid-Support Program will be released in an upcoming broadcast

e-mail, as well as on our website. Please be aware that the online

technical support web site at http://support.softwarefx.com will continue

to be available without charge.

Justin Trask

Software FX

Please reply to: cfxie@softwarefx.com

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From: Szeto [mailto:ng@akyweb.com]

Posted At: Friday, January 12, 2001 7:57 AM

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Conversation: Problems running and licensing

Subject: Problems running and licensing


I just brought Chart FX IE 2000 from http://www.componentsource.com/

Can i still own a copies of this in traditional form instate of directly

download from the web site.

Another thing is above this software licensing, what i recieve is only a

serial number, and no paper form. Can i get a serial number/certificate of

puchases for this product.

I install CfxIEDsg.exe in a Windows 98 with PWS i try to running a simple

code provided by ChartFX. but the problems occur in <% Set Chart1 =

Server.CreateObject("ChartFX.WebServer") %> . I wondering in order to run

ChartFX IE 2000, is that a must to run under Windows NT / Windows 2000




Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Thank You

Khai Mun, Ng

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