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RE: Defaulting to Bar Charts when Chart1.Gallery = LINES

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We have never been able to reproduce any type behavior to indicate that a chart will produce different results if there is one or more than one present. The only way for us to determine what the problem could be with your program is to send us a small complete sample that reproduces the problem.


In an effort to provide the most advanced solutions in conjunction with

the most comprehensive technical support structure, Software FX will

implement a Paid-Support Program beginning January 1, 2001 for all

existing and future Software FX application users. The specific details

of the Paid-Support Program will be released in an upcoming broadcast

e-mail, as well as on our website. Please be aware that the online

technical support web site at http://support.softwarefx.com will continue

to be available without charge.

Justin Trask

Software FX

Please reply to: cfxie@softwarefx.com

-----Original Message-----

From: David Golus [mailto:djgolus@zdnetonebox.com]

Posted At: Wednesday, January 03, 2001 12:11 PM

Posted To: Server

Conversation: Defaulting to Bar Charts when Chart1.Gallery = LINES

Subject: Defaulting to Bar Charts when Chart1.Gallery = LINES

The problem is when I have a multiple graph display the gallery is not

LINES. When I have a single graph, the line graph is displayed correctly.

Sometimes the multiple graph display is in 3D as well. Here is how I create

the graph:

Chart1.Chart3D = False

Chart1.TypeMask = &H6880401&

Chart1.Scheme = CHART_CSHATCH

Chart1.MarkerShape = MK_NONE

'Fix the flickering of the screen

Chart1.TypeEx = Chart1.TypeEx OR CTE_MERGEPALETTE

Chart1.Axis(AXIS_X).TickMark = TS_GRID Chart1.Palette = "ChartFX 3.0"

'Calculate the number of days to show

If DateDiff("d", CDate(Session("StartDate")), CDate(Session("EndDate"))) < 1


DateTick = 1


DateTick = Cint(DateDiff("d", CDate(Session("StartDate")),


End If

Chart1.OpenDataEx COD_VALUES, PointCount, COD_UNKNOWN

If CStr(Session("UserGraph")) = "PF" Then

Chart1.Title(CHART_TOPTIT) = "Power Factor"


Chart1.Title(CHART_TOPTIT) = "Generic Graph"

End If

Chart1.Title(CHART_TOPTIT) = "Generic Graph"

Chart1.Axis(AXIS_X).Format = AF_DATE

For nCnt = 0 To PointCount - 1

Results = objBiz.GenericGraph(CLng(Session.SessionID),

CLng(PointList(nCnt)), CDate(Session("StartDate")), CInt(DateTick))

y = CInt(objBiz.ResultPoint("count", 0))

For nCnt2 = 0 To (y - 1)

Flag = 1

If PointCount > 1 Then

Chart1.SerLegBox = True

Chart1.Series(nCnt).Legend = sDesc(nCnt)


Chart1.Title(CHART_TOPTIT) = sDesc(0)

End If

Chart1.Series(nCnt).YValue(nCnt2) = CDbl(objBiz.ResultPoint("value",


If nCnt = 0 Then

Results = objBiz.FormatStr(CStr(objBiz.ResultPoint("timestamp",

CInt(nCnt2))), _ "m/d h:mm")

Chart1.Axis(AXIS_X).Label(nCnt2) =

objBiz.FormatStr(CStr(objBiz.ResultPoint("timestamp", CInt(nCnt2))), "m/d


End If



Chart1.Axis(AXIS_X).LabelAngle = 90

Chart1.Axis(AXIS_Y).Min = objBiz.ResultPoint("min", 0)

Chart1.Axis(AXIS_Y).Max = objBiz.ResultPoint("max", 0)

Chart1.CloseData COD_VALUES

-- Other code here --

Select Case Flag

Case 1

Chart1.Gallery = LINES

Response.Write Chart1.GetHtmlTag(625, 299, "Auto", "Chart1")

--- Other code left out ---

End Select

Even though I set the Chart1.Gallery = LINES and Chart1.Chart3D = False, I'm

still getting a 3D chart (randomly) and a Bar chart only when I select more

than one point for a multi-graph.

If anyone could help, I appreciate it.


David Golus, MCSD, MCDBA

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