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ChartFX IE 2000 can be used inside of Visual Basic (i.e. in order to place a COM wrapper around it). I am sorry but we do not have any documentation on how to work with ChartFX IE 2000 and Visual Basic since it is fairly rare to use ChartFX with this development environment. If you need to develop an application utilizing the server side component then you click the menu called project then click references and you should see an entry for "ChartFX IE 2000 server". If you want to work with the client side component then you click the menu called project and select the item called components and you should see an entry for the "ChartFX IE 2000 client" and this should reference the CfxIEAx.ocx file. You will then be able to use the same API as in your ASP pages.

Please keep in mind that ChartFX IE 2000 is licensed per server. So if are planning on redistributing the ChartFX components to any other machine other than your own server then you will break our license agreement. If this is your case please look into the ChartFX Client/Server product that we offer that uses the same API but has a different license scheme to allow you to redistribute the runtime components of ChartFX to an unlimited number of users without incurring any additional costs.


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Conversation: cfx and Visual Basic

Subject: cfx and Visual Basic


I have charfx IE which I have used succesfully to produce graphs with ASP


I now want to use it in Visual Basic projects how do I do this? is there a

help manual which explain how to use chartfx with VB or is it simply a case

of referencing a chartfx ocx or dll and using it exactly the same way as

within an asp page.



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