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There are two possible reasons why this is not working properly for you.

1) Your version of ChartFX has not been properly updated to version 18.1. You can double check this by doing a search on your hard drive for CfxIESrv.dll and check the version of this dll to verify that is does say version 18.1. If it does not then the update was not successful because the web services on your hard drive could not be properly shutdown. So you will need to try and update the ChartFX software again but manually shutting down the web service before performing the update.

2) The other possible reason is that the values that are contained in the variables are not correct. I have taken your code and replaced the variables with some hard coded values and the inverted axis works correctly. Keep in mind that the index for the axis labels are linear. Therefore if you have an axis that goes from 0 to 100 with a step of 20 then you will need to either set 100 labels or set 5 labels but with the index altered to reflect the position of each label.

chart.Axis(AXIS_Y).Label(0) = "Hello 1"

chart.Axis(AXIS_Y).Label(20) = "Hello 2"

chart.Axis(AXIS_Y).Label(40) = "Hello 3"

chart.Axis(AXIS_Y).Label(60) = "Hello 4"

chart.Axis(AXIS_Y).Label(80) = "Hello 5"

chart.Axis(AXIS_Y).Label(100) = "Hello 6"

I modified you code with the following hard coded values and it worked fine.

chart.Axis(AXIS_Y).Min = 5

chart.Axis(AXIS_Y).Max = 0

chart.Axis(AXIS_Y).LabelValue = 1

chart.Axis(AXIS_Y).STEP = 1

chart.Axis(AXIS_Y).Label(0) = "Hello 1"

chart.Axis(AXIS_Y).Label(1) = "Hello 2"

chart.Axis(AXIS_Y).Label(2) = "Hello 3"

chart.Axis(AXIS_Y).Label(3) = "Hello 4"

chart.Axis(AXIS_Y).Label(4) = "Hello 5"

chart.Axis(AXIS_Y).Label(5) = "Hello 6"


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From: Jonathan Estabrook [mailto:jestabrook@winningsolutionsinc.com]

Posted At: Friday, December 15, 2000 9:15 AM

Posted To: Server

Conversation: inverted y Axis

Subject: inverted y Axis

I'm attempting to build a chart that has an inverted y axis and was having

the problem documented in the following knowledge base article:

Q1342135. Axis labels not showing when axis is inverted


When setting axis labels and inverting the axis (assigning a Max value

smaller than the minimum), only the first axis label is shown.


Software FX has confirmed this to be a bug in previous builds of the above

mentioned products. The problem has been fixed in build 16.00.

I then got the latest build, 18, and installed the update. However, I still

continue to have the same problem. The code I am using is below. This code

does work properly when I don't invert the axis, but is only showing one

axis label when I invert it.

chart.Axis(AXIS_Y).Min = dEnd

chart.Axis(AXIS_Y).Max = dStart

chart.Axis(AXIS_Y).LabelValue = -dDifference

chart.Axis(AXIS_Y).STEP = -dDifference

dTemp = dEnd

chart.Axis(AXIS_Y).Label(0) = secToMS(dEnd,"'")

chart.Axis(AXIS_Y).Label(1) = secToMS((dDifference) + dTemp,"'")

chart.Axis(AXIS_Y).Label(2) = secToMS(((dDifference)) * 2 + dTemp,"'")

chart.Axis(AXIS_Y).Label(3) = secToMS(((dDifference)) * 3 + dTemp,"'")

chart.Axis(AXIS_Y).Label(4) = secToMS(((dDifference)) * 4 + dTemp,"'")

chart.Axis(AXIS_Y).Label(5) = secToMS(dStart,"'")


Jonathan Estabrook

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