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Adding a study for a specific serie

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I am reposting this question. Of course, it doesn't make much sense to try 

get it for a simple serie.

Actually, the correct question should be how display the series and the

standard deviation in the same chart.

"Norberto" <ne@crgmedical.com> wrote in message


> Hi,


> I created a chart with 3 series. Now, I would like to add a standard

> deviation study for one of the series.


> How can I specify to which of the series the study should be applied?


> Thanks,


> Norberto


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Most studies apply to every visible series in the chart. By default, when 

you have multiple series, the legend box will display the values for the

highlighted series. You can change this behavior and focus in one series

only by doing:

statistical.SelectedSeries = <series index>;


Francisco Padron


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