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TipMask in Map Object

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The documentation for the TipMask property is the same.


In your case <Region Name> is just the legend value

So your solution will be

map.TipMask = "%l : %v";

the %l ( that is a lower case L) is for the Legend and the %v is for the


In a multi series map the winner series will be shown.

The only thing you can't do, as far as I remember right now, is show the

value for the SVGText.

Hope this helps.


"simon venturi" <simon@moodia.com> wrote in message


> Hello,


> What are the variables I can use TipMask for on the Map object. Ideally

> i'd like my tooltip for a region to say something along the lines of

> <Region Name>: <Value>.


> Is this possible?


> Thanks


> Simon


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