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Bubble Chart Example

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Can you please provide a bubble chart example with binding to individually-supplied 

data points? The only example in your help or online is the one binding to

an XML file. I need to bind to an in-memory table of values. I have been

doing chart.Data(0,0) = 123 for other chart types; however, I don't know

how to do that and also make it a scatter-plot type Bubble chart with X-axis

values. I know I need to set the XValue property somewhere, but there is

no example of this given anywhere.

Thank you,


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A bubble chart takes 2 series, the first is for the position of the bubble (Y-Axis) and the second for the size.

 Like a Sctter chart, a Bubble chart can also be suplied with X-Values.

For example:

 chart.Data.Y(0,0) = <bubble Y value>

 chart.Data.Y(1,0) = <bubble size>

 chart.Data.X(0) = <bubble X-value>

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