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RE: Date Chart and AddArray - Multiple series, different dimensions?

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No this is not supported. All series need to be the same size. If you have one series of 9 data points and another series of 10 data points then you could make the 10th data point of the first series equal to Chart_Hidden. This will cause the point not to be shown rather than equating it to zero.

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Conversation: Date Chart and AddArray - Multiple series, different dimensions?

Subject: Date Chart and AddArray - Multiple series, different dimensions?

IE 2000, ASP

I have a XY chart where the X axis values are dates, and the Y axis values are percentages. This chart has 1-4 series. I'm adding the data using "AddArray" and the CfxData.Array.

In every case, each set of the corresponding date array and value array are the same size. If every set of arrays all are the same size, then everything works as I would expect. However, if two series have a different number of data points, even by one, then it seems it tries to fill in the shorter set with CDate(0), (Dec. 30, 1899), and my chart ends up looking like:

with all the data scrunched over to the right.

Here's what the relevant code looks like:

' Add X value arrays (dates)

For nCount=0 To UBound(aDates)

' aDates(nCount) is an array itself

CfxArray.AddArray aDates(nCount)

oChart.DataType(nCount) = CDT_XVALUE


nChartArrayYAxisLBound = UBound(aDates) + 1

' Then add the Y value arrays

For nCount=0 To UBound(aResults)

CfxArray.AddArray aResults(nCount)

oChart.DataType(nChartArrayYAxisLBound + nCount) = CDT_VALUE


oChart.GetExternalData CfxArray


I can provide more detail if necessary.

So essentially, my question is: can I have a date XY chart with multiple series where the number of data points varies from series to series?



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