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RE: Jpeg instead of ActiveX

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This news group is reserved for ChartFX IE 2000 users.

To answer your question there are files that control browser detection for ChartFX IE 3.5 in the WinNT directory. These files start with SfxCgi... You need to make sure that these files have both read and write permissions for IUser_MachineName.

Justin Trask

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From: Jerker Larsson [mailto:jerker.larsson@vis-able.com]

Posted At: Wednesday, November 01, 2000 10:26 AM

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Conversation: Jpeg instead of ActiveX

Subject: Jpeg instead of ActiveX


I have my local version up on a win2000 works. and

have just installed ChartFx 3.5 on a win2000 server

but instead of the ActiveX object that works fine localy

the win2000 server displayes a jpeg. (It's that same




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