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RE: Recordset for multiple series scatter chart

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ChartFX supports a recordset like

XValue Series1 Series2 Series3

------ ------- ------- -------


and it also supports a recordset like

XValue1 Series1 XValue2 Series2 XValue3 Series3

------ ------- ------- ------- ------- -------


If you want to use the same color and shape for all the series you would use the MarkerShape and Color property for each series, e.g.

Chart.Series(0).MarkerShape = XX

Chart.Series(1).MarkerShape = XX

Chart.Series(0).Color = RGB(YY,ZZ,FF)

Chart.Series(1).Color = RGB(YY,ZZ,FF)

If your Data Set looks like

XValue1 Series1 Volume1 XValue2 Series2 Volume2 XValue3 Series3 Volume3

------ ------- ------- ------- ------- ------- ------- ------- -------


A bubble chart would use the VolumeX data to calculate the diameter of each bubble.


Juan Cegarra

Software FX, Inc.


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From: Mark Johnston [mailto:mark.johnston@pnl.gov]

Posted At: Tuesday, September 05, 2000 6:48 PM

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Conversation: Recordset for multiple series scatter chart

Subject: Recordset for multiple series scatter chart

I would like to create a recordset which CfxIE can read to create a

scatter chart with multiple series. All the examples I have seen which

use a recordset and multiple series use a common set of "X" values with

multiple (series) "Y" values associated with each. A recordset which

might generate such a chart would look like the following, if I

understand the examples you give correctly:

XValue Series1 Series2 Series3

------ ------- ------- -------


I am currently generating the following sort of recordset:

SeriesName XValue YValue

---------- ------ ------

The catch is that there is not a common set of X values to correlate

across several series -- they may be different between each series. It

would be ideal (from my perspective) if my current recordset

organization could drive the creation of a multiple series scatter

chart. However, I'm adaptable ... 8^). My goal is for each of the

series to use the same color and shape formatting on the resulting

chart. The number of series and the number of points in each series is

dynamic, based on the input to the ASP page.

In a future revision, we are considering the use of a bubble chart in

order to visually express a sort of confidence factor in the data we are

displaying. Is there a way to format a recordset with the same sort of

data as above in order to produce a bubble chart?

Thanks in advance,

Mark Johnston

Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

Seattle, WA USA


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