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RE: Printing chart images with IE 5

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I retried several printers using IE5 and the image was printed correctly, can you send us one of the PNGs that gets printed incorrectly and describe the OS and printer driver you used ?


Juan Cegarra

Software FX, Inc.


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From: Christophe Galibert

[ mailto:christophe.galibert@sanofi-synthelabo.com]

Posted At: Thursday, June 08, 2000 1:34 PM

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Conversation: Printing chart images with IE 5

Subject: Printing chart images with IE 5

Hi Juan,

Many of our customers use the printing capability of their browsers to print


generated charts (PNG format).

This works fine with Netscape or IE 4, but image printed with IE 5 have a

dark (B&W printers) or pink (color printers) background while the image

displayed on the screen has a white background.

This happens on every combination of IE 5 browser/printers we have tried so


Is there a way to correct this ?


Christophe. (please also answer by mail, as I have no news access at work

anymore: christophe.galibert@sanofi-synthelabo.com)

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