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RE: Axis Formating Not Working

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Can you post all your code to try to duplicate both problems (scientific and custom formatting) 


Juan Cegarra

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From: Chris Denslow [ mailto:shadow@owt.com]

Posted At: Saturday, January 22, 2000 9:39 PM

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Conversation: Axis Formating Not Working

Subject: Axis Formating Not Working

I copied some code directly from the designer to try to format my Y-Axis for

scientific notation. It did not work at all. It just ignored it and

formated the numbers normally. The code that came from the designer was:

<!-- Axis Settings -->

<CFSET Chart1Axis = Chart1.Axis>

<CFSET Chart1Axis0 = Chart1.GetArrayProp("Item",0,Chart1Axis)>

<CFSET Chart1Axis0.Format = 3>

<CFSET Chart1Axis0.Format = 3>

I am using cold fusion. Also, how do you get the custom formating to work?

For example, trying to set the axis format property to somthing from the

help file, like "$#,##0;" causes errors.

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