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Cylinder Chart

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I have a concern and I have already e-mailed your support when your

newsgroup was down. I have a link about the conversation:


If you need my incident ID: 29575

Well the support person has given me solutions to most of my concerns

however the one regarding the cylinder chart wasn't solve yet. I will not

elaborate this further since you can read it from the link. If there'll be

questions please ask me. I hope for your immediate solution. I'll appreciate


Thank you,

Raymond Dazo

Interprise Solutions Team

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I understand what you are describing in the issue but I can not reproduce 

the behavior you are describing as "loosing data binding" when you switch to

a cylinder chart.

Please provide a sample program that reproduces the problem, you talk about

the end user changing the gallery to a cylinder, is this using your own UI ?

what code is actually being executed when the user does this ?

A simple sample program that shows changing from one gallery to another and

reproduces the problem should give us all we need to figure out what's going



Francisco Padron


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