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Printing on Web Forms

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I don't know exactly which part of the documentation are you referring to, 

the print button will print the chart only if you use the Client Control

(.NET or ActiveX), if you are generating an image, the print button will

print the whole page.

In general, what you can do in the client using an Image and AJAX is limited

when compared to what you can do using the Client Control, however, using an

image offer other advantages such as compatibility with most browsers and

platforms (Client Controls only work in IE under Windows), zero footprint

and lower security requirements while still providing a rich UI.

We support both so the choice is ultimately yours. In my experience, the

Client Control makes most sense in Intranets where deployment, browser

standardization and security issues can be resolved at a company level,

while image generation is generally the best option for public web sites, of

course this is just a general rule and may not apply to a the specific



Francisco Padron


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