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Help file glitch (DataType property)

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Dear Alexei,

Thank you for reporting the issue.

Actually, the 404 Not Found is correct because there is no longer a DataType


So the line "The DataType property may be used to instruct Chart FX how to

handle each column passed to the CrosstabDataProvider." should not even be

there. It is legacy from 6.2.

With ChartFX for Visual Studio 2005 we decided to take a better approach.

Whatever you set in your FieldMap.Usage property replaces the DataType


So if you configure a particular DataBase Field to be used as a


It will be treated as a number (and not a string....).

The old CrossTabDataProvider required you to populate two DataType arrays,

one in CFX Core and one in CrossTab.

Now you only need to populate the Fields Collection in Cfx Core with

FieldMaps and set the FieldUsage property for each one.

Hope this helps.


"Alexei dragoner" <alexei.dragoner@gmail.com> wrote in message


> If you search for CrosstabDataProvider.DataSource Property and then click

> on DataType property on tthis page in the help file, it will display "PAGE

> NOT FOUND "error.


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