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Font problems between Dev and Production

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We have a problem with font rendering between development and production versions of ChartFX. Running exactly the same version (6.2.1342.0) on both servers with exactly the same code and settings the text is difficult to read on production. Dev:


(the different numbers are irrelevant to the issue).

The font is Verdana, size 6 and we render to png. We can't play about too much with the settings trying to fix the problem as it would mean experimenting on a live site. Any ideas?


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Thank you for your feedback.

We have been able to reproduce the problem you are describing. It is related to the Antialiasing settings (text smoothing) in your server.

We have made the appropriate changes to be independent of these settings, such changes will be included in the next Service Pack. Please contact Software FX Support for a HotFix.


Francisco Padron



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