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How are ChartFX temp files handled in 2005

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In Chart FX 7, The PSS Service runs by default. This service eliminates the 

need for temporary files created in your web site, instead, all these

requests are handled by an ISAPI filter that re-directs them to this


This provides the following:

- Performance: Chart results are cached in memory to be returned immediately

to the client.

- Security: Since the charts can only be accessed through this service, the

service can authenticate the user before returning the file. If you are

using authentication in your site (any form of it be it NT, Form, etc) this

service will honor these settings and it will only grant access to the user

that made the request for the page that created the chart.

- Scalability: In a web farm environment, PSS can communicate with other PSS

services in the LAN to allow charts generated in one server to be served by

another server in the farm. This allows you to use Chart FX in a Web Farm

regardless of server affinity settings.

You can configure certain parameters of PSS by changing

ChartFX.Pss.Service.exe.config. Here is a list of things you can configure:



<add key="MemorySlidingTime" value="0:1:0" />

<add key="DiskSlidingTime" value="1:0:0" />

<add key="TempPath" value="c:\temp" />

<add key="Machine1" value=""></add>

<add key="Machine2" value=""></add>

<add key="ThisMachine" value="1"></add>



MemorySlidingTime: Time to keep the charts in memory. This time is usually

short is the time between the generation and the request for the image

DiskSlidingTime: Time to keep the chart on disk once the MemorySlidingTime

expires. After both these times expire, the chart can no longer be

retrieved. So this time should be set to a worst case scenario setting.

TempPath: Folder where to store disk files.

ThisMachine: Used in Web Farms. Unique, consecutive, numeric ID for this

machine within the farm.

Machine1 ... Machine<N>: Used in Web Farms. IP Addresses for all machines in

the farm.


Francisco Padron


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