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Printing Problems with Maps

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We found the problem and have fixed it.

Please contact support at softwarefx dot com and a HotFix url will be


For your information, any build of ChartFX later than 6.2.2356 will have the


It might take a day or so for us to complete the build/test process.

If this is too much time for you indicate that in your support email.

Thank you for reporting this issue.


"John Sieglaff" <jsieglaff@pltnm.com> wrote in message


>I am trying to print a map of the state of Iowa. Even though the entire map

>is displayed on my screen, only the upper left corner of the map prints,

>and those four counties are expanded to fill the entire sheet of paper.


> How do I make the map print properly?


> This is in winforms, version 6.2


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