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Maintain chart settings when I change data in Financial extension

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Thank you for all your help before, they have helped me allot.

I have one question, it is about how to maintain the chart state of the

chart when I change the data in it and bind them again. I need to show the

Price-studies and the Technical studies as they were with the new data.

This is what I do. First I draw my first symbol in the chart, I do this by

binding the data, hi,low,close, last, and volume, like the help tells me to

do. Now the user opens some price and/or technical studies. Then the user

wants to compare this info with the second company, so I recalculate the

data and put it in another dataview which I bind it with the same method as

before and by the info you posted to me in this groups on 24.6.2005. ( need

to do that because the user wants to see the data referent to 100, so this

is completely new data)

What happened that the technical panes will become empty with no data in

them. I have tried to export the settings in the chart and import the

settings with the new chart but it have not worked for me. (maybe I am not

using the right configuratin - mainChart.TemplateMask |= FileMask.Extensions

| ~FileMask.Data ;) The component crashes.

What can I do to maintain my financial extension settings between charts

with diffrent data, is this possible?

I hope that I have explained this clearly.

Best regards


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