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Noticed something odd

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No this is not by design.

I assume that you are using a custom svg file.

I will need to see your mapsource.

You can do this three ways:

1) Export the Map to Binary format using the Export method.

map.Export(FileFormat.Binary, "MyFileName.bin");

2) Use the ExportMap method on the map

Stream streamList = File.Create(@"MyFileName.bin");



3) Attach your svg file.

I will also need you to point me to the region that doesn't render.

If you are using one of our shipped svg's then tell me which one you are

using, and attach a screenshot circling the missing region.

Hope this helps.


"John Nelson" <jnelson@innovasi.com> wrote in message


> In using MapFX, I have noticed that when the control renders the PNG from

> the SVG file, a LINE (point X to point Y) that is either vertically or

> horizontally straight, does not render. The start and end points MUST

> differ on both the X and Y axis by at least 2 pixels.


> Is this by design?


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