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Chart FX MS Office Add-in

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According to the documentation, as copied below, this is a free add-in and 

can be downloaded from your web-site. I have not been able to locate it on

the web-site. Could you please direct me to the download location.

The Chart FX MS Office Add-in

Unfortunately, when chart images are copied and pasted in a Word document or

a PowerPoint presentation, the Chart FX UI is lost and no additional

analysis capabilities are available within the productivity application. The

Chart FX MS Office Add-in is a FREE software that uses an OLE Server capable

of producing interactive charts in any MS Office application.

When the Chart FX MS Office Add-in is installed an additional option ("Copy

as Object") will appear in the Chart FX export button in the toolbar. The

"Copy as Object" option will allow your end users to paste charts as

interactive charts that display the Chart FX toolbar, and other UI described

in this manual, even outside the context of your application.

For additional information or to download the Chart FX MS Office Add-in

please visit our web site at www.softwarefx.com/extensions.

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