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Annotation Object problem

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I have a multi-panel data bound chart.

When I try to add an annotation object using the toolbar, such as an arrow

or a text box, the object does not appear at the place where I drug the

mouse but appears much lower at the bottom of the chart.

If I try to drag the object to a new position it automatically returns to

the original vertical position (ie. at the bottom of the chart). It's OK to

move the object horizontally, but does NOT let me move it vertically.

If I right-click on the object and select "Detached" from the "Attach Menu"

then everything is OK. I can move the object anywhere I like.

Is this normal behaviour?

Is there a setting for having "Detached" as default when I add a new object

to the chart using the toolbar?


Artemis Psaras

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Please find attached project with problem reproduction.

Steps to reproduce problem:

 Right-click on chart and show the Annotation Toolbar.

Try to add an arrow or a TextBox.

You can see that it is positioned at the wrong place and cannot be moved vertically.



Artemis Psaras

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Ok. I got it !

The problem you have is that you don't have a main Y-Axis. You hid it and made the secondary Y-Axis visible.

Annotation objects can only be attached to the main Y-Axis. This is why you are getting this strange behavior.

To solve the problem, move your series back to the main Y-Axis (as they were originally) and leave it visible (as it was originally). Instead of creating a secondary Y-Axis simply move the main Y-Axis to the right by assigning the Position property. You can do this at design time.

Do not leave the main Y-Axis uninitialized (as it is now).

The answer to your second question is:

No you can not change the default attachment an object has, you can change it right after the object is created (ObjectCreated event) but that will be too late as this event is fired when the object is finally created. When the mouse button is released.

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