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ChartFX Financial - Newbie in ChartFX - questions - Second company in a pricechart

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I am using a a ChartFX and Financial extension and I just started. I have

read the manual, but I need more explanations I have few questions I hope

this is the right place for that :-).

- Second company in a Price chart?

I have put data for one company into DataSet and set it as a DataSource

( chart1.DataSource = dsClosingPrices.Tables[0]; ) and I am using The

rules to pass the data as you descripe in the manual. This works fine. I

can see my chart as a plane line, candlestick or what I choose. What I need

to do, is to set data for another company in to the same chart so I can

compare the companies. In the same chart I want to have two lines that shows

for example candlestick (or line) data for each company.

What is the best way to do that? Do I have the Data for the two companyes

in same DataSet? Do you have any snippets that I can use?

- Personalizing a Chart

Is it possible to get the XML code for in Personalizing a Chart int a string

varible. I am using one Settings.xml file for all my settings in my

program. Many charts can be opened in program. What I need is to get the

personalizing code for all the users charts and put it ino this file

(settings.xml) and then when I open my program again I need to restore this

code from my settings file and open the charts as it was when my user closed

it? Is this possible?

Best regards


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