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$Name in Map Link

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Dear Roger,

Currently this is not available right now.

I did add a $DataText which returns to you the legend you provided from your


But, you will have to contact support for the latest hotfix as it is hasn't

made it to the service pack.

I added the $DataText as it make sense that having the Display Name of a map

region is not that useful in postback but the string that came from your

database seems very logicial.

However, until now I haven't seen any real case that would need to pass the

SvgText in a link.

Perhaps tell me more about why you need this.

You can always contact support, tell them Charles responded to you on the



"Roger Pollard" <rhp@rhpcord.com> wrote in message


>I am using the $Name parmaeter to get the Display Name of a Map Region that

>has been clicked, but what I really want is the Region Name. I tried

>$Value and $Values but neither provided it. Is there a way to get the SVG

>name of the Map Region clicked?


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