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ChartFX.NET 6.2 Maps extension in web forms

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Dear Vita,

There are two ways to do drilldown with ChartFX Maps.

One is "built in" and one requires the programmer providing the


Using the "built-in" architecture the only part the programmer must provide

is a multi level/region map and the data that corresponds to the highest

Detail Level.

Meaning, you can have a map with a "South East" region with child regions

(grouped) like so "FL", "GA", "SC" ...

Then you provide data that corresponds to "FL", "GA"...

To view the Map at the "South East" region I sum together all of the data of

the child regions and come up with a per series total to apply your color

scheme to.

The **OTHER** way to do this is to "switch" the map at run time and

therefore also switch the data.

So when a User clicks on South America in the World map you then trade out

the map for just South America.

And pass new data. One main downfall to this approach is you need roundtrips

back to the server.

The sample you have mentioned is using this method.

I have attached a sample of both cases. See the WorldPopSample solution. The

Election sample will illustrate the "built-in" method if you comment out a

line of code.

In the ElectionSample class in the MapIniInfo method

comment out this line

Map1.MapSource = "US\\USA-StatesAbrev.svg";

The "built-in" method works the same in webforms as it does in winforms and

those samples are provided for you.

Hope all this helps.


"VM" <A@B.COM> wrote in message


> Hi,


> I have trouble with making Maps extension work in web forms (for ex.

> drilldown).


> In esence I want to have the same result as in TourWorldPop example:

> http://eu.softwarefx.com/MapsQuickTour/TourWorldPop.aspx

> Is it possible to get source code of this example?


> regards,

> Vita



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