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Statistical Extension & Constant Lines

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I am creating a histogram chart with the statistical extension and my 

customers would like me to have the target, mean, and +/- 1, 2, & 3 standard

deviations values display as vertical lines on the chart. Can this be done?

If so, what is the best way to do this (I'm guessing that using

ConstantLines would be the way to go if I can use them there).

Thanx in advance,

Dave Lech

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There are already studies that show 1-Sigma,2-Sigma and 3-Sigma:

StudyInteractive study = (StudyInteractive)


study.Visible = true;

study = (StudyInteractive) statistics1.Studies.Add(Analysis.Sigma2);

study.Visible = true;

study = (StudyInteractive) statistics1.Studies.Add(Analysis.Sigma3);

study.Visible = true;

This however are represented as color stripes instead of constant lines.

You can also add Constant Line Studies as follows:

StudyConstant study = new StudyConstant(StudyType.Custom,1);

study.Value = statistics1.Calculators[0].Get(Analysis.Mean) +


study.Visible = true;


Do the same for - Sigma, etc.



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