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How to display delete command in toolbar

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Is there a Delete button that can be added to the Annotation Toolbar or do I

need to create it myself? I see the delete command in the debugger but

cannot make it visible in the toolbar.

I have tried

annotx.ToolBarObj.Commands[(int)AnnCommandID.Delete].Enabled = true;

I also tried

Command cmd =


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The delete command is a command but it is not part of the toolbar.

Like Chart FX, the annotation extension uses a Command List that is separate

from the toolbar so that commands can be re-used in toolbars and menus.

What you need to do is add a button to the toolbar and assign its ID to be

the command you want (Delete).

For example:


annotx.ToolBarObj[0] = (int)AnnCommandID.Delete;

Will add the delete button as the first button of the annotation toolbar.



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