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Does Chart FX Real-Time supports Windows 2003.

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I have installed the RealTime on Windiows Server 2003(IIS6) and the 2

virtual directories

HeartBeat and HBAgents virtual directories Script Mappings are not pointing

to the

"C:\Program Files\CfxRT\Server\HBServerIsapi.dll" extension's during normal


I was trying to assign it in IIS 6 script mappings but doesn't let me do


Anyway on IIS 5 and Windows 2000 with normal install it works fine.

I was thinking is there anyproblem with Windows 2003 Server.


"SoftwareFX Support" <noreply@softwarefx.com> wrote in message


> It should be no problem. Are you having any problems with it ?


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Ok. The Installer Does have a problem with Windows 2003 Server (IIS 6.0)

because the default security settings don't allow the installer to create

the virtual directories.

You will need to manually create the virtual directories.

Check out the following KB Article for more information:

Q1432058. ChartFX Internet 5.5 installation problem on a Windows 2003

operating system

The same applies to Real-Time. You need to create the following virtual

directories manually after installing:

HeartBeat = <installation directory>\Server

HBAgents = <installation directory>\Agents

HeartBeatStyles = <installation directory>\Styles

RTSamples = <installation directory>\Samples\IE

HeartBeat = <installation directory>\Server

In addition to creating this virtual directories, you need to map the first

two (HeartBeat and HBAgents) to HBServerIsapi.dll and HBAgentIsapi.dll

respectively. To map these, go to the IIS Manager, select these virtual

directories (one at a time) go to Properties, then click on Configuration

and then go to the Mappings Tab. Remove all entries there and add one

containing "*" as the extension and the appropriate DLL for both POST and


If you have any questions please contact our support dept.



Software FX

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