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bar chart labels are truncated

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I am using a bar chart where I specify the X and Y values. Thus, I am 

supplying the values that will be used under each bar in the bar chart.

Under some conditions, the labels on the X axis get truncated. I think it is

when the the X axis values have only 1 or 2 digits or maybe it is when they

don't have decimal points (e.g. 2, 20 get truncated, 175.4 and 23.67 don't

get truncated. The bars are plenty wide to show the entire number. I am

using the following setting:

chart.AxisX.LabelsFormat.CustomFormat = "G4";

Note that I did not have this problem in V6.2 of CFX. It only started after

upgrading to 7.0

Thanks for any help


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