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How to save a modified map in SVG ?

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No, this is not possible from within a Winforms application.

Webforms has an SVGWriter which exports SVG and can then stream SVG back to

your browser but it does not help with importing the data again!

Please don't get confused with the ExportMap function. That function merely

saves a binary format of our map structure for future use in your winform

application. This function is great when you have a large SVG or many users

are running the application over the network. Each time the program runs and

map1.MapSource is set the entire SVG must be parsed and loaded into our

format. ExportMap just helps out by skiping all the SVG Loading and is much

more efficient.

Caveat: using Export/ImportMap does not export/import the data or the colors

of the Map, ONLY the raw region structure. You will still need to set data

to your map, use the labellinks if necc, and apply the colors.


<info@vmmlog.com> wrote in message news:QDRL5We2DHA.3512@WEBSERVER1...

> Hi,


> I've created a small winform application to test some Map functions.


> I can now enumerate all the countries, change their color, add values and

> link etc..


> Can I and if Yes how can I save this modified map in a new SVG file ?


> Thanks for help


> -Vince




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