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Statistical Study Documentantion

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I'm trying the statistical extension, it's wonderfull and very simply but I

don't know all the statistical study You have insterted in what they means;

where I can find documentation about the type of study, the data considered

in, the usuall use of the function, ... I've a statistical university book

but if there are some simplified documentation (also for the customer) it

would be appreciate.

Thank You in advance and have a nice holiday

Dario Cadei

A-Team Divisione Software S.r.l.

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The Quick Reference in the Docs (Programmer's guide section under

"Statistical Extension Programmer's Guide") describes all the studies and


The Statistical Documentation, however assumes that you have the Statistical

Knowledge to understand these terms. In no way the documentation is intended

to teach you what these studies mean, how they are calculated, or what its

use is.



Software FX, Inc.

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