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How can I get 2 Series with different number of points on Same ChartFX .NET 2005 Chart?

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I created a chart with both an OpenHighLowClose graph which gives the user

the ability to roll up the data (on the database server side, not using the

"Compact(int i)" function), and a bar graph that represents volume, using

ChartFX for VS .NET 2005.

The problem is that if the user chooses "30-minute bars" or "1 hour bars",

the volume bar graph is also rolled up into 30-minute or 1-hour increments,

but I would like to get the volume bar graph to display at 1-minute

intervals, even when the OpenHighLowClose bars display 30-minute intervals.

I have 1 ADO .NET data table that holds all the non-rolled up ticks of data,

and another data table with the rolled up (i.e. 30-minute bars) of Open,

High, Low, Close, and Volume data.

I believe that I need to make the "Volume" Series contain lots more points

than the rolled up OpenHighLowClose series. Is it possible to do this on

the same graph? How can I do this?

Thanks in advance,

Brook Hunter

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You will need two graphs.

The reason is not that the number of points is different, you can achieve

this using Hidden points but that the scale is different, on one hand you

have 1 axis unit representing 1 minute and in the other 30 minutes. Multiple

panes share the same X-Axis so that they can be synchronized, what you need

is two independent charts coming from different datasets.


Francisco Padron


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