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Changes in ChartFX 2005

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By the way I´m using ChartFX .Net 6.2 already

"David Muldowney" <dja_muldowney@yahoo.com> wrote in message


> Hi

> I´m thinking of upgrading to vs2005 version. I understand there are many

> improvements from the developer context.

> However I was wondering there were enhancements to the end-user UI charts.

> Will they look much different to the ChartFX 6 charts?

> Thanks

> David


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The general look an feel of default charts was changed from version 6 to 7 

but it will still look familiar to a user of 6.2.

Most of the changes are in the defaults, you can make your charts look more

like 6.2 with a few clicks.

I think the best way for you to get a feel for the new look is to tour the

"Virtual Trial" in our Web Site at:



Francisco Padron


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