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Problems with Chart FX

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This is probably a Visual Studio issue caching the original trial license. To make sure the release license is properly installed, please test using a new project. If the problem does not appear in the new project, you will need to instruct Visual Studio to refresh the license. The best way I have found to do so is by removing the obj subfolder (at the same level as bin) and rebuilding your solution. If the problem persists even with a new project, please contact technical support for further details.



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"Henry" <hmgarzon45@spam.com> wrote in message news:b%23zKPG50GHA.3960@webserver3.softwarefx.com...

I had ChartFx Extensions Pack for .net 6.2 trial and began to develop a project.

After the trial license expired the project doesn't run anymore

Now I bought the license and I installed the software but I have the same message and I can't run the application..

Can you help me

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