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Crosstab Problem

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I am trying to create a crosstab XY chart. My groups of data do not have the 

same number of observations nor do they each have a Y value for every X

value. The resulting plot has breaks in the display of each series. For



X-value Y-value

0 24

6 29

9 43

Series 2

X-value Y-value

0 21

3 27

6 25

12 31

The resulting plot has breaks in each series because of the diferent number

and values of X.

Is this a limitation of ChartFX??


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Is this the resulting data ? There should be no breaks in this chart.

If this is not the resulting data, please post it. Are you using the

RowHeadingSettings property (or XValue property in Chart FX 6.x) ?

If this is your actual data, you don't need crosstab, just pass it as is to

Chart FX and specify 2 columns of X-Values.


Francisco Padron


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