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Statistic XY Correlation

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In the XY Correlation study group, what is the confidence value underlying 

the t-Test?

I've searched the help stuff but can't find anything on this

Also, is there anyway to control the title of the Statistics LegendBox?

I tried using the Statistics.LegendBoxObj but it didn't expose a Titles

property (although it inherits a number of LegendBoxObj properties)



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The Confidence can be set globally in the Statistics extension as follows:

statistics1.Confidence = 99;

The default value is 95 (percent).

Confidence can also be set at the Study level, overriding the global setting

as follows:

StudyTest test = (StudyTest) statistics1.Studies.Add(Test.RegressionTTest);

test.Confidence = 99;


Francisco Padron


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