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Plotting large volumes of data

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Hi there,

I'm currently using the ChartFX control through C# to produce a scatter plot

of a relatively large volume of data (approx 500,000 {x,y} pairs). I'm

feeding the data to the chart through a ListProvider in the form of a

collection of business objects, with each object of the general form:

class BusObj


public int X


get { return m_x; }


public int Y;


get { return m_y; }



The display is very slow (about 1min 40s for 500,000 points on a dual core

3.2GHz machine with 2GB RAM). Can you offer any suggestions as to how I

might plot this more efficiently?

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In such a large number of points, Chart FX defaults are not adequate.

There is a topic in the programmer's guide "Performance and Scalability"

that talks about some of the issues. Most of the performance depends on GDI+

performance and the number of objects being painted.

The following properties significantly affect the performance when large

number of points are used:



MarkerShape: The default marker shape (marble) is the slowest. Rectangle is

the fastest.



If you provide me with more details about your chart I can be more specific.


Francisco Padron


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