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Exporting Varying DPIs on WMFs

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I'm using ChartFX for .NET version 6.2.  When I export a WMF image from the 

application that we've created on my computer, the resultant image has the

correct dimensions, and the expected DPI of 96 (both horizontally and

vertically). When I try to export the same image on another computer (a

desktop publisher machine) in my company, for some reason the image is

exported with the correct height and width dimensions, but the resolution is

101 (horizontally and vertically). We're both using the same operating

systems (Windows XP SP2) and versions of ChartFX (6.2). Are there other

client side settings which might affect this? I'm pretty sure we have

different video drivers and different default printer drivers. Please let

me know which settings can affect the exporting of WMFs, and if there is a

way to override such client settings in the ChartFX export code. Thanks in

advance for any assistance.

-Sal Vanore


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